How to specify tunable LED grow lights

Along with the introduction of energy saving LED technology in controlled environment agriculture comes tunable, or programmable, LED grow lights, which are capable of producing nearly infinite spectrum combinations. These spectrums are able to spur vegetative or flowering growth stages, manipulate flowering, influence the shape, color and appearance of crops, affect the nutritive and medicinal aspects of crops, and target a wide variety of crop outcomes.

Controlling horticultural lighting with specific spectrums along a schedule introduces yet further opportunities to influence crop outcomes – GrowFlux calls these spectrum-schedules Light Formulas; for more information on GrowFlux Light Formulas, check out our blog post on this subject. Click here to learn more about GrowFlux’s cost effective tunable broad spectrum horticultural lighting products.

Selecting tune-able spectrum horticultural lighting requires growers to make some decisions about their growth techniques and goals, since tunable spectrum lighting usually comes at a cost premium and may have some key drawbacks, which we will discuss in detail in this post. First, and most importantly, growers should determine their lighting density goals

Broad spectrum vs. narrow spectrum

Control options

Far red

PAR output vs. tunability range

Designing your own spectrum