FLUXSCALE™ 600 Series

FLUXSCALE™ is a connected, fully tunable, broad spectrum LED horticultural lighting fixture designed for greenhouses and high intensity top lighting applications. FLUXSCALE is the industry’s first LED fixture capable of delivering both flowering and vegetative PAR spectrums at full power in one fixture, offering unmatched control and efficiency for applications such as indoor farms, seed production, and greenhouse cultivation.

FLUXSCALE incorporates only ceramic package emitters with both broad spectrum and narrow spectrum wavelengths, and is capable of over one billion unique spectrum combinations. GrowFlux exclusive Precision PAR™ technology allows growers to monitor PAR output, energy consumption, and fixture performance in real time, and was designed for cGMP managed facilities requiring stringent quality control practices.

FLUXSCALE will be available in Q4 2017. Please contact us if you are interested in testing FLUXSCALE in your facility.

US and international patents pending