All About Finishing


GrowFlux's FluxScale series fixtures are capable of delivering broad spectrum PAR containing a very high proportion of blue light, which is used to deliver Finishing light treatments in the 12-96 hours prior to harvest. Finishing Light Formulas boost terpene and resin content in crops by triggering protective mechanisms within the flowers. 

Unlike other LED fixtures on the market, FluxScale is capable of delivering this spectrum at full intensity exceeding 800 μmol/m2/s, allowing a finishing treatment without stunting plant growth. Other LED fixtures only deliver a similar spectrum at low intensity, resulting in diminished growth and shade avoidance responses. 

The GrowFlux Cloud Platform includes several pre-configured Finishing Light Formulas containing spectrum settings and lighting schedules shown to enhance terpene and resin content. Check out our whitepaper for more information:

FluxScale Finishing Spectrum