Press Release

GrowFlux featured by Samtec

Samtec connectors in FluxScale LED grow lights

Samtec, a world leader in high reliability connectors for industrial electronics, recently featured our FluxScale fixture on their blog. We use Samtec connectors for one of the most critical electrical connections in FluxScale - the Engine Control Module, which hosts a powerful ARM Cortex M3 processor and has 40 high speed digital and analog connections to the underlying LED engine. 

FluxScale LED grow light and engine control module

When we designed FluxScale, we had to address the design challenge of reliably interfacing a complex multi layer processor module to our high power LED engines while withstanding heat and vibration for upwards of ten years. We selected a particular Samtec connector which offers vibration resistant electrical contacts and a locking connection in a compact footprint. As an added bonus, the connector mates with a tactile and audible click when installing the Engine Control Module, which helps us eliminate quality issues during production. Selecting quality suppliers such as Samtec is an important component of our own commitment to reliability and quality. 

GrowFlux begins FCC testing

We recently tested our AetherMesh IoT wireless modules for compliance with US, EU, and Canadian wireless regulations! Compliance with these regulations ensures that our wireless tech won't emit electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency radiation which might interfere with other equipment and communications. Thanks to the hard work of our engineers, our AetherMesh module passed all of the required tests on the first attempt!

Antenna directed at GrowFlux sensor
AetherMesh Module