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Innovative growers supplement crops with carbon dioxide to boost yields by as much as 20-30% and save up to 10% on cooling energy consumption. GrowFlux has introduced a connected wireless CO2 sensor designed for microclimate monitoring of controlled cultivation environments, allowing grows of any size to rapidly develop a cost effective, data driven supplementation strategy


Key Features

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Wireless & cloud connected

Access the data from anywhere via the GrowFlux App, browser based interface, or our API


Splash resistant & designed for horticulture

Stands up to commercial environments - the hydrophobic gas membrane allows air and humidity to pass into the detector without passing liquid water


Easy calibration - Detects only CO2

CO2 sensors have been known to be a pain to keep calibrated. Supporting three easy calibration techniques, calibrated in the field is easy without the need to send sensors to a calibration lab. NDIR detection technique does not respond to other gases and VOCs.


Why measure CO2?

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From vertical farms, greenhouses and large indoor grows to field grown crops, CO2 supplementation is a standby method to significantly boost yields. Successful CO2 supplementation strategies require accurate CO2 measurements over large areas.

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Monitor the performance of your HVAC and ventilation strategies by monitoring CO2 concentration throughout the cultivation space. Variable CO2 concentration throughout the cultivation space is an indication of poor airflow, increasing the risk for disease and powdery mildew. CO2 is denser than air and often sinks without adequate air mixing, increasing gas consumption and threatening supplementation strategies.

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CO2 supplementation can reduce the cooling energy used in cultivation spaces by allowing for slightly higher air temperatures. Effective supplementation strategies require high density CO2 monitoring in the controlled environment

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With many commercial farms spending thousands per month on CO2 deliveries, over supplementing can waste money. High density CO2 sensing identifies CO2 concentration throughout the cultivation space, allowing for cost reduction in supplementation strategies


Easy installation

All GrowFlux sensors set up out of the box in seconds with our secure Access Point, providing up to 500 feet of range indoors

GrowFlux Access Point

API Access

GrowFlux sensor data is available in real time via our secure API - sensors can easily be integrated with any commercial control system, significantly reducing the amount of engineering time necessary for CO2 supplemetation systems of any size


More details in the Datasheet

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