FluxScale 600AC


FluxScale™ is a connected, fully tune-able broad spectrum horticultural lighting platform designed for greenhouses and high intensity indoor top lighting applications. Featuring our patent pending Precision PAR™ technology, FluxScale™ is the only horticultural lighting solution on the market capable of delivering consistent PAR for up to 10 years. FluxScale™ is also the industry’s first LED fixture capable of delivering both flowering and vegetative PAR spectrums at full power in one fixture, offering unmatched control and efficiency for applications including cannabis cultivation, seed production, and greenhouse cultivation. 


Key Features

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Precision PAR

Control your costs and yields with Precision PAR™, the first horticultural lighting solution that manages PAR output over time, ensuring consistent results and longer ROI on your investment

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More Tunability

Using both broad and narrow spectrum LEDs, FluxScale offers the widest tunability range in the industry and is capable of delivering broad flowering spectrums and vegetative spectrums at full power in one fixture

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Industry Leading Energy Efficiency

Boasting over 2.2 umol/watt energy efficiency (pending independent lab verification), FluxScale offers the highest energy efficiency in tunable LED horticultural lighting, allowing growers to save 50% or more in energy costs



No compromise construction. Engineered and built in USA from extruded aluminum, powder coated steel, and anti reflective low iron glass

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Leading Ingress Protection

Designed for wet locations, FluxScale stands up to direct water sprays, splashes, and high humidity. Engineered silicone foam seals provide many years of ingress protection, and specialized vents allow FluxScale to maintain this protection under rapid pressure changes. Learn more on our blog

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Our easy to use spectrum editor and Light Formula builder allows cultivators to leverage advanced tunable lighting out of the box. When its time to run a schedule, up to 180 days of control can be pushed to an unlimited number of zones and fixtures at a time, ensuring reliability even with spotty connections 



Manipulate phytochrome response in flowering plants with far red light. Boost flavors, anthocyanins, and terpenes with short wave blue light. FluxScale has more installed blue power than any LED fixture on the market, enabling new opportunities to manipulate cannabis crops

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FluxScale features a removable fan assembly, making it the only horticultural lighting fixture in the industry designed to facilitate rapid maintenance of cooling fans. FluxScale is designed for very low fan failure rates, however in the rare occurrence of a fan failure, fixtures can be serviced on site in minutes



Network one fixture or one thousand: all you need is our Access Point to securely connect all GrowFlux products. AetherMesh wireless technology inside FluxScale ensures rapid setup and reliable communications without the need for on site technicians or cumbersome network setup

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Tune all the spectra

FluxScale offers more broad spectrum tunability compared to any LED product on the market, and is capable of both blue rich vegetative broad spectrum and red rich flowering broad spectrum lighting at full power in one fixture

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Enterprise Energy Planning

FluxScale incorporates features aimed at enterprise wide energy planning for multi-facility operations. Use our Light Formula Scheduler to forecast energy usage far into the future, view real time energy performance, and develop operational intelligence to gain an edge in energy markets


Ultra high uniformity

FluxScale is suitable for top lighting applications in greenhouses and indoor facilities at various heights. Our high efficiency RAY Reflectors are developed for unprecedented uniformity in indoor cultivation facilities, promoting even canopy development