FluxScale RAY Reflector

FluxScale™ RAY Reflector

RAY Reflector is an accessory reflector that attaches to FluxScale series top lighting fixtures, improving efficiency by directing more PAR to the canopy directly under the fixture. The RAY Reflector modifies the approximate 130° beam angle of FluxScale to result in highly uniform lighting across the canopy directly under the fixture. RAY Reflectors were designed using advanced Monte Carlo ray tracing simulation methods, and is constructed from ALANOD® MIRO-SILVER® coated aluminum for the absolute highest level of performance. 

General Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 24.5" x 17.5" x 4.375" (622mm x 444mm x 111mm)
  • Constructed from ALANOD® MIRO-SILVER® material exhibiting >97% reflectivity
  • Protective coating inherent to MIRO-SILVER® material is resistant to oxidation and changes to reflectivity over time
  • Resistant to UV degradation; water and condensation resistant
  • Hammered pattern gently diffuses PAR, improving canopy penetration
  • Improves PAR uniformity under fixture, resulting in highly uniform lighting
  • Easily fastens to fixture by hand with four hex nuts


FluxScale RAY Reflector
Fluxscale RAY Reflector
FluxScale RAY Reflector detail