GrowFlux Announces Unique First-in-Class Intelligent LED Horticulture Lighting Platform; FluxScale™

GrowFlux FluxScale LED Grow Light

GrowFlux, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA
February 1, 2018

  • First horticultural lighting solution to offer light management service which manages the light output of fixtures over time, ensuring consistent results in large scale grow facilities looking to implement quality control practices

  • Next generation FluxScale™ LED grow lights are uniquely able to emit vegetative broad spectrum & flowering broad spectrum at full power in one fixture for applications such as greenhouse cultivation and crop production

  • The FluxScale™ Platform is connected by GrowFlux’s AetherMesh industrial IoT wireless solution which is a fully encrypted, highly reliable, self-healing wireless mesh communications technology developed to perform in large scale industrial facilities, eclipsing conventional networking technologies currently used in the industry

GrowFlux, Inc. has announced development and immediate market release of the world's first intelligent horticulture LED lighting solution incorporating an automated light management service; The FluxScale™ Platform

GrowFlux is the first horticultural lighting provider to offer a PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) management solution at a time when large cultivation facilities are challenged with maintaining consistent PAR levels delivered by energy efficient LED grow lights. The company’s Precision PAR™ solution automatically manages the PAR output of the fixture over time, ensuring consistent results for large scale grow facilities. FluxScale™ is the first horticulture lighting solution capable of producing repeatable results year after year without user intervention. GrowFlux plans to market the solution to large scale cultivators as the demand for quality control solutions increases.

FluxScale is also the first horticultural lighting solution that emits vegetative blue rich broad spectrum PAR & flowering red rich broad spectrum PAR at full power in one fixture, allowing growers to cultivate throughout all stages of plant growth without moving plants or installing multiple fixtures. FluxScale™ emits tunable light from every portion of the PAR spectrum promoting development all plant functions inclusive of complex pigment systems. The company's tunable broad spectrum technology allows cultivators to pinpoint the optimal light spectrum for each crop cultivated, and can be tuned for desirable outcomes such as specific flavors, accelerated flowering, or specific shapes of plants.

FluxScale™ fixtures offer industry leading ingress protection for use in wet environments, and are engineered and built in the USA. The FluxScale™ Platform provides on-cloud and off-cloud management, detailed schedule and spectrum control, energy forecasting and analytics, operating metrics notifications, and turnkey quality control.

FluxScale™ fixtures are networked by GrowFlux's own AetherMesh industrial IoT wireless technology. AetherMesh was developed specifically for controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to network fixtures and battery-operated sensors, while reducing installation time. AetherMesh is built on the next generation 6LoWPAN networking standards, and is fully encrypted for secure operations. The connectivity solution is designed to automatically form robust mesh networks of upwards of 2000 devices, significantly reducing setup time and complexity in large scale facilities, and communicates on sub-GHz frequencies to penetrate deep into buildings and around obstacles. Typical competitor products require on site technicians for network setup and rely on common wireless technologies not suited for large scale operations.

GrowFlux has scheduled additional platform releases/enhancements for the 2nd half of 2018. 

GrowFlux Inc was founded in 2015 with the goal of advancing controlled environment agriculture at all scales. The company has made significant strides in advancing the state of the art in horticultural lighting and sensing through its collaborations with horticulture experts and development of technology platforms including FluxScale™, Precision PAR™, AetherMesh, and its advanced microclimate and spectral sensing technology. GrowFlux’s CEO Eric Eisele states; "Our goal is to bring the best horticultural lighting solution to market to truly deliver on the promise of precision agriculture. We do this by advancing on all fronts including energy efficiency, spectrum, controls, reliability, and user experience." Eric is credited with seven patents on connected LED lighting systems.

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