Horticultural Lighting Solutions

GrowFlux offers design support for horticultural lighting installations in small and large scale greenhouses, cannabis production facilities, and other controlled environment agriculture facilities. Our design team has developed analysis tools which provide early stage estimates for PAR, cost, and energy consumption, as well as detailed lighting plans which include layouts, PAR density maps, energy schedules, and financial models. For greenhouses and hybrid lit facilities, our models include detailed calculations based on the customers geographic location and climate for PAR availability, calculating the required additional LED lighting necessary to meet the customers PAR goals.

If you are interested in engaging our design team, please take our horticultural lighting survey and we will prepare a free lighting consultation for your facility!


Turnkey Sensing Solutions

GrowFlux can design and deploy sensing networks to monitor a broad range of conditions within controlled environment agriculture facilities. Using our own sensing products designed specifically for horticulture, our sensing solutions can provide highly granular data on environmental conditions present within a CEA facility. Our design team has extensive experience in customizing sensing solutions to cost effectively meet a range of monitoring goals.

GrowFlux also offers turnkey sensing packages for environmental conditions monitoring of indoor cannabis production facilities. Our turnkey cannabis monitoring solution ensures production facilities are operating as designed, effectively quality assuring energy intensive climate control systems and preventing conditions which may foster disease such as powdery mildew. Contact us for more information on our turnkey sensing solutions.


Custom & OEM Lighting Solutions

GrowFlux has deep experience in high power LED design, optical design, and thermal management, and has developed solutions utilizing driver-on-board, chip-on-board, custom phosphors, and remote phosphors for horticultural and specialty lighting. Contact us for more information.

         AetherMesh Module

        AetherMesh Module

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) 

Our industry leading sub-GHz wireless mesh is designed for reliable connectivity in the most challenging commercial environments. See Aether Connectivity for more information.