GrowFlux advances controlled environment agriculture by enabling consistent outcomes and breakthrough resource efficiency, providing lower lifecycle cost, and delivering a superior customer experience.




Eric Eisele, CEO

Eric Eisele is the CEO and founder of GrowFlux, and is responsible for product development and corporate strategy. Eric is passionate about fostering resource efficiency and environmental stewardship in the greenhouse and controlled environment agriculture industry, and regularly participates in speaking engagements on these topics. Eric serves as the chair of the GLASE Consortium, a public-private research organization aimed at commercializing leading edge greenhouse lighting research into industry.


Alexander Roscoe, CTO

Alex is a passionate engineer who focuses on solving issues that have an impact on global food and water security. He is the first generation in his family to not grow up on a farm, only to find himself continuing the tradition by building out technology used in agriculture. In previous roles, Alex has built out wireless meshes for monitoring air quality in cities, wireless sensor networks for measuring building energy efficiency, and even built out national internet infrastructure at Comcast.


Schuyler Duffy, Hort. Eng.

Schuyler is a horticultural engineer specializing in translating evidence-based research into tractable algorithms for controlled environment agriculture. After studying horticultural crop management at Cornell University, Schuyler joined GrowFlux to deploy advanced lighting controls at scale.


Adi Rao, Business Dev

Adi builds lasting relationships with GrowFlux customers and aims to help businesses build …




Congressman Billy Tauzin

25 year career in the United States Congress representing Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District with profound impact on energy, telecom, and environmental regulations


Thomas Tauzin

Government Affairs and finance expert with a focus on energy and the legal cannabis industry


Dave Saunders

Founder of Palo Alto Venture Architects - strategic adviser focused on AgTech and procurement



GrowFlux is dedicated to innovating global food production, achieving breakthrough energy and water conservation, enabling new medicines and therapeutics, and expanding access to healthful foods worldwide. We do this by solving the toughest challenges in a rapidly growing field of agriculture called Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), which encompasses greenhouse agriculture, indoor farming, and vertical farming. Our focus area is artificial and natural light for plants - as well as data and control connected to light.

Our mission is rooted in a few simple product strategies:

  • Promote the long term economic and environmental viability of controlled environment agriculture by advancing energy efficiency and repeat-ability while lowering capital and operating costs

  • Empower our customers to build robust businesses by providing new ways to drive revenue and reduce operating costs 

  • Make advanced cultivation technology accessible to growers of any skill level anywhere in the world 



In 2018, GrowFlux launched FluxScale Top Light, which set a new precedent for control and connectivity in the horticultural lighting industry. FluxScale serves as a research platform for horticulturalists and growers and reference design for lighting manufacturers. Today GrowFlux offers lighting controls for any light on the market.