Precision PAR™

GrowFlux patent pending Precision PAR™ technology is uniquely capable of delivering consistent light levels and spectrum over time, giving growers an integrated solution to automatically manage PAR degradation. Precision PAR™ works by collecting performance data from sensors inside each GrowFlux LED engine over time, and analyzing this performance data with machine learning algorithms to determine the current performance level. This data is combined with test data we gather in our US based factory to generate an accurate PAR output and spectrum calculation for each fixture.


Turnkey quality management

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities looking to boost their productivity and quality compliance by implementing quality control practices can rely on GrowFlux as the foundation for quality management. Incorporating features such as Batch Record Management and our exclusive Precision PAR™ technology, GrowFlux lighting and sensing solutions offer the only turnkey quality management solution on the market for controlled environment agriculture.


Energy efficient LED technology

GrowFlux utilizes high performance ceramic package LEDs with the highest performing bins on the market in its products. LEDs emit more PAR per watt of energy consumed than conventional technologies, and do not emit infrared heat, which can stress plants and lower photosynthetic efficiency; facilities using GrowFlux LED horticultural lighting products can expect up to 50% energy savings over conventional lighting technologies. Since LEDs can be designed to last upwards of 50,000 hours with less than 10% output reduction, costly bulb changes are not required with LED fixtures.



Tunable broad spectrum lighting

FluxScale 600 Spectra-low.jpg

Only GrowFlux offers tunable fixtures incorporating both broad spectrum and narrow spectrum LEDs which do not require growers to compromise on PAR output for tune-ability. GrowFlux fixtures are uniquely capable of generating most spectra at full output power, while competitive products simply dim LEDs and reduce overall output when tuning the PAR spectrum. GrowFlux has found broad spectrum horticultural lighting to offer the most benefit toward overall plant growth and quality, and GrowFlux fixtures deliver PAR at every wavelength in the PAR spectrum while maintaining the ability to tune PAR content in the red, blue, and far-red bands.


Cloud Control & Light Formulas


Controlling one or one thousand fixtures is easy with the GrowFlux Cloud, which is a robust control solution which incorporates zone and schedule management for complex installations. The GrowFlux Cloud also gives growers access to ready to use Light Formulas, which are lighting schedules and spectrum settings designed for specific crop outcomes. The GrowFlux Cloud is accessible through our iOS app, android app, browser based interface, and through our API.


Industrial reliability wireless connectivity


GrowFlux utilizes AetherMesh™, our own high reliability wireless connectivity solution built on secure 6LoWPAN standards. AetherMesh was developed for secure and reliable connectivity for sensors, lighting, and controls in large scale greenhouse and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) facilities, and is also suitable for other industrial environments where conventional wireless connectivity solutions fail. Sub-gigahertz 900MHz wireless communication allows AetherMesh to penetrate facilities and infrastructure deeper, and is immune to the noise of 2.4-5GHz bands due to wifi and other devices. AetherMesh is suitable for both always on devices as well as battery powered devices, allowing for operation of 2+ years on a single battery, and is deployed in both on-cloud and off-cloud networks. See Aether Connectivity, a division of GrowFlux LLC for more information.