Quality control is our core strength

GrowFlux offers tunable broad spectrum LED grow lights and connected agricultural sensors which help growers save energy, improve consistency, and enhance quality control. The GrowFlux Cloud is a quality control and management solution developed with the unique needs of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) in mind, and is used in cannabis production, vertical farming, biopharmaceutical production, and cGMP managed CEA facilities.


LED Technology

Industry leading energy efficient LED technology, the most tunability on the market, and broad spectrum output - our FluxScale product is suitable for both flowering and vegetative growth with one fixture


Quality Control

Real time and historic performance data from both lighting and sensing products gives growers deep insight into their operations. Batch record management tools bring turnkey quality management to CEA facilities


Industrial IoT

Industrial reliability sub-GHz wireless mesh networking technology ensures consistent communication and foolproof installation. Both on-cloud and off-cloud solutions are available